How To Order Magnet

How to order neodymium magnet ?
Due to the Neodymium magnet are not a standard mechanical components, basically, all the dimension will be produced according to customer’s requirement. Sometime, we are keeping the rough semi-finished products (cylinder and block shape) in stock for urgent need.

Please try to provide the information below:
1. Grade of Neodymium magnet  
2. Dimension of Neodymium Magnet
magnetDisc  shape :  Diameter x Height (thickness)
magnetRing  shape :  Outer diameter x inner diameter x thickness
magnetSphere shape:  Dimater
magnetBlock & Bar shape   :  Length x width x thickness
magnetCylinder & Rod shape:  Dimemater x height
magnetArc segment :  If possible, it’s better to send us a drawing or sketches.
3. Tolerance of Magnet
magnetStandard tolerance is +/-0.004”
magnetFor special request, please let us have your detailed information.
4. Quantity required
5. Direction of Magnetization
magnetDelivered magnetized or unmagnetized ?
magnetMagnetization orientation
6. Surface coating (if any)
7. If you are unsure or have no idea about the grade and surface coating, please tell us the following information:
magnet7-1: What’s the product used for ?
magnet7-2. Operating temperature and environment (dry. Humit, salt or others )